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“The Things People Do For Free Champagne” Episode 11: Chris Pendleton

Chris Pendleton is one of the most talented and unique comedy performers you'll have an opportunity to see on the high seas. Her cruise ship career has spanned over 20 years and I've had the opportunity to learn the ropes from her both onstage and off when I first began my cruise ship comedy career. 

In this episode, Chris and I remember some fun moments from our times together at sea, and share our ideas on what the future of the comedy industry will look like when the cruises re-open.


Runtime 69min

“Laughter is Yoga” Episode 10: Suzy Nece

Suzy Nece is a yoga instructor, comedian, professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher for the last 20 years who toured nationally with the New York-based Bessie Award-winning dance company, Jane Comfort and Company. Beyond her professional credits she is also an amazing friend and a loving mother. 

Every conversation I have with Suzy, I still learn something new. This one is no exception. Join us as we get existential in our trip to a story from both our pasts where we recount how the world was when we first met and explore those inner voices (if any) in our minds! 


Runtime 76min



Things I Don’t Hate w/Alvin Williams Episode 09: Miguel Corral

Miguel Corral is a Business Strategist for the San Francisco based tech firm Genesys. After becoming the first male in his family to graduate college, he went on to receive his MBA from the University of Michigan. Sidenote, he has also been one of my closest friends since 15yrs old. 

Every conversation between Miguel and I is a philosophy session interrupted by random memories we have about high school or any form of pop culture, followed by us roasting each other for no apparent reason other than we can!

In this episode, we both wax poetic about our mutual love for the Rocky Movie franchise, as well as discuss among other things, what is the true meaning of friendship.


Run Time 70 mins

Things I Don’t Hate w/Alvin Williams Episode 08: Derek Marshall

Derek Marshall is a certified hypnotherapist and behavior modification expert, with certifications in Sports Hypnosis and Hypnobirthing. Whether working with athletes, expecting moms, or his live performances, Derek's passion is making positive change in the lives of both his clients and his audiences.
In this episode, Derek and I catch up to discuss how life has been in the Cayman Islands since the pandemic, and we both share stories about our times working together on cruises.
Runtime 58 mins

Things I Don’t Hate w/Alvin Williams Episode 07: Reno Alston

Reno Alston is a Professional Winner. He has been a championship winning coach in grade school/high school AAU and college basketball. He is also a loving family man and brother (my older brother to be exact)!

His coaching career has spanned the past 20 years, and his athletic career has spanned my entire lifetime. In this week's episode, Reno finally sits down with me to answer questions I've always had about his life's journey now that we are both adults. 


Runtime 63min


Things I Don’t Hate w/Alvin Williams Episode 06: Tom Franek

Tom Franek is an award winning, world renowned, grammy nominated pianist and musical entertainer who has been featured on ABC as well as many international television shows for his often mystifying ability to switch between classical music and comedy in a moment's notice (these are my words, not his, because he is often too humble of a person to say it himself, and he happens to be one of my best friends).


This week Tom sat down with me to catch up and chat about his preparation routine, his current projects, and of all things, his love of Feng Shui!


Runtime 55min

Things I Don’t Hate w/Alvin Williams Episode 05: Cassandra Claude

Cassandra Claude is a music professor at the University of Miami, a professional vocal wellness coach, and author of the critically acclaimed book "A Singer's Compass: A Journey Exploring The Internal Power Of Your Singing" 

 In this episode, Cassandra sits down with me to discuss her many passion projects, as well as her current artistic mission to continue helping artists of all kinds achieve mental wellness through the use of sound! 


Runtime 52min

Things I Don’t Hate w/Alvin Williams Episode 04: Dorell Green

Dorell Green is an up and coming comic based out of Colorado. But there is so much more to this man's story: He is a retired police officer of 20 years, a military veteran, a former professional Football Player, devoted father and dedicated husband. He sat down with me to discuss why comedy is now his new love and what challenges he's faced along his journey. 


Runtime 52min


Things I Don’t Hate w/Alvin Williams Episode 03: Tyler Gray

Tyler Gray is a party-starting savant. His diverse career in entertainment boasts 8 years as a Cruise Director on both Celebrity Cruise Lines and Norwegian Cruise Lines, as well as a 2 year stint in The Blue Man Group!  He is currently the Entertainment & Activities Director for the JW Marriott Savannah Plant Riverside District in Savannah, Georgia.

In this Episode Tyler sits down with me to discuss life after cruise ships, the art of entertainment experience design, and stories from our performance days at sea together that never quite got cleared up until now!

Runtime 70min


Things I Don’t Hate w/Alvin Williams Episode 02: Stephani Parker

Stephani Parker is one of my closest friends in the entertainment industry. She is an international vocalist, songwriter, pianist, and guitarist who has an unmatched hunger to improve in every aspect of her performances. She has most recently developed a highly successful series of live Zoom concerts and took some time to talk about her most recent projects and the surprisingly positive shift in her life due to the pandemic.


Runtime 71 min

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