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“The Old You is Dead!” Episode 21: Heather Turman

Heather Turman is an award winning screenwriter, movie producer, comedian, and host of the new podcast "Indie Women". 

I had the pleasure of meeting Heather early in our comedy careers, and we performed together on the road for years before our paths took us on different journeys over the last decade. We finally reconnected again for the first time in 2 years for this podcast. 

In this episode, Heather and I discuss those turning points in our personal lives, and the importance of allowing entertainers to evolve into who they truly are.

Runtime 83 mins

“Hey Bring Me Some Candy!” Episode 20: Thomas Nichols

Thomas Nichols is a hilarious comedian, actor, author of the irreverent comic book series "Just Us Cops", and devoted fiance!

In this episode, Thomas and I have a  philosophical conversation about life, comedy, and the pursuit of great candy! 

Runtime 86min


“Freed And Vaccined” Episode 19: Phillip Kopczynski

Phillip Kopczynski is one of the funniest people I've had the pleasure of working with in comedy. He recently filmed his debut Dry Bar Comedy Special called Full Grown Man and hosts a weekly Podcast  called Dangerous Loner, where he gives his personal take on anything and everything that comes to mind!  Currently he's on the road performing nonstop on his brand new Freed And Vaccined Tour, and took some time out to catch up with me to chat about the "New Normal" that is the present comedy industry.


Runtime 101 mins

“That’s Not Science” Episode 18: Clay Christopher

Clay Christopher is a talented actor,  hypnotherapist and family man who I had the pleasure of meeting when he was a cruise director with Norwegian Cruise lines in 2015. There are very few people in the world who have the ability to make me laugh as much as he does, and in this episode we discuss his multi-faceted career journey as well as his future plans of running for president some day. We also debate the merits of "The Color Purple" movie and pay homage to one of the greatest cinematic masterpieces of all time, "Norbit"!


Runtime 84mim



“Don’t Forget Who The F**k You Are” Episode 17: Sean Carson

Sean Carson is a multi-talented entertainer who has taken his talent from Terrell, TX all the way to Los Angeles where he now calls home.  An honest singer/songwriter in a world of pretenders, and a man who thinks differently than most. I've called him a friend for a decade and he's always been someone I can gain a different perspective from in the entertainment industry. In this episode we discuss the difficulties of maintaining the quality of our crafts over the last year in such a challenging environment.


Runtime 76min

“Let The Story Tell Itself” Episode 16: Ron Torres

Ron Torres is a gifted filmmaker and improv comedian. His film and performance journey has taken him coast to coast from Hollywood to Atlanta, and back again. During that time he has turned every lesson into art, and we are all better for it. 

Ron and I met one another at the very beginning of our professional journeys in 2007, and in this episode, we reflect on what we both have found to be the most valuable lessons of all, 14 years later. 

Runtime 90mins

“Magic AND Comedy?! Holy McNuggets!” Episode 15: Jessica Jane

Jessica Jane was born into a family of magicians. Some would say she was already destined to become a magician herself, but she has relentlessly worked on her craft as if nothing in her life has ever been promised. Her work ethic and magnetic personality have led her to the high seas where she performs all around the world on cruise ships, providing an unforgettably fresh perspective to the timeless art of magic. 

She's a history buff, a self-proclaimed nerd, and simply one of the best people you could ever strike up a conversation with, which is what I did years ago, and haven't stopped since!

In this episode, Jessica and I talk about her wildly entertaining childhood, stories from our times on ships together, and reveal our fail-proof plan for an alternative vacation expedition vehicle to cruise ships while we wait for the industry to return!

Runtime 87mins

“Photographers Should Wear Pajamas” Episode 14: Sapna Odlin

Sapna Odlin is a creator. She is an accomplished photographer and website designer by trade, and has an eye for the unique. So much so that she holds the distinction of having her work shared on Instagram by Kate Middleton of The Royal Family. Above all that, she's an amazing friend. 

In this episode, Sapna has a sit-down with me from her home in Reading, UK to talk about how the pandemic affected our countries differently, along with what our future plans are when international travel returns in full. 

Runtime 79mins

“They Shoulda Never Gave You Passports!” Episode 13: Louis Johnson

Louis Johnson has done it all in comedy. He has performed on Showtime, Comedy Central, BET, A&E, and has over 20 years of USO Comedy Tours under his belt. He is now the host of the podcast "A Good Green Room" and just finished wrapping up taping for his new Dry Bar Comedy special when he sat down with me to share some funny stories from his career.

He has been a great mentor and friend to me over the last decade and I was finally able to get a chance to sit down with him and hit record on some classic stories from when we were on the road and at sea performing together! Warning, there's a lot of laughter in this episode!


Runtime 80min

“So…You Want A Shot?” Episode 12: Monica Nevi

Monica Nevi is one of my favorite comedians and best friends. During the peak of the pandemic, Monica remained more active than most, having both her debut live stand-up comedy album "Mostly Finger Guns" and her guided meditation comedy album "Chill" both reach #1 on the iTunes Comedy Album charts!

In this episode, Monica and I discuss her return to performing on the road after the pandemic, along with her current and future comedy projects!


Runtime 86mins


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