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“Magic AND Comedy?! Holy McNuggets!” Episode 15: Jessica Jane

April 15, 2021

Jessica Jane was born into a family of magicians. Some would say she was already destined to become a magician herself, but she has relentlessly worked on her craft as if nothing in her life has ever been promised. Her work ethic and magnetic personality have led her to the high seas where she performs all around the world on cruise ships, providing an unforgettably fresh perspective to the timeless art of magic. 

She's a history buff, a self-proclaimed nerd, and simply one of the best people you could ever strike up a conversation with, which is what I did years ago, and haven't stopped since!

In this episode, Jessica and I talk about her wildly entertaining childhood, stories from our times on ships together, and reveal our fail-proof plan for an alternative vacation expedition vehicle to cruise ships while we wait for the industry to return!

Runtime 87mins